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August 4, 2015

Edit vs proofread

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Proofreading_and_Editing_InfographicAs a writer, it is vital to know the difference between editing and proofreading (done by someone else) and rewriting or proofreading (done by you).  Many people say that they are rewriting they’re manuscript when they are really proofing or copyediting.  Here is what the terms actually mean and a handy graphic on editing vs proofreading.


This is a big picture process.  Someone else reads your work (a few writers can do it for themselves) and looks at the manuscript as a whole.  Does the manuscript as a whole flow?  Is every chapter/section necessary to the whole?  Is the tone or voice consistent?  Are there plot holes?  Unneccessary characters?  Characters behaving out of character to advance the story?  Needless information, in nonfiction or historic fiction, present just to show that you did your research?  These big picture items are all addressed in “editing.”  That means that if you pay someone to edit your manuscript, they are going to come up with comments about flow, clarity and tone vs punctuation and usage.

Proofreading  or copyediting

This is when you get into looking at whether or not this is the best word or punctuation mark to get the job done.  This is the minute and microscopic.

When you rewrite, you need to be looking at things in the Edit category.  When you proof your manuscript, you should be looking at the little picky things.  But you do need to look at the big picture, both in your critique group and in your own writing process.




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