Mole Meadow Anthology

Mole Meadow MenagerieRemember all of my lectures about retaining rights whenever possible.  My most recent piece with Schoolwide is a lesson in why.

Mole Meadow Anthology is one of the pieces that was first published in Young Equestrian Magazine way back in 1996.  The olden days.  Back then it was called “Mole Meadow Menagerie” and it was a bio of the author Marguerite Henry.  That worked for a horse magazine because horse crazy girls still devour her books.

A general interest educational publisher was a different matter.  Horses could still draw readers but changing the emphasis to using fact to inspire fiction opened it up for classroom use.

The only reason that this was possible is because Young Equestrian only took first North American serial rights.  Hold on to those rights but even when you resell a piece be ready to reslant it to better fit the new audience, if it is different from the original audience.

I’m still trying to decide — should I call this an e-book or something else?  Gertrude Ederle vs. the English Channel is, in my mind, an e-book because it still looks like a book.  This?  I’m not so sure.

Whatever I decide to call it, I’m glad its out there for young readers to enjoy.


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