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June 25, 2015

When to Submit Your Story

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agent“When should I send in my story?  Is it okay to submit during a Book Fair?”

I’ve always been surprised how many writers have complicated systems about when and when not to submit their work.  They won’t send it in too close to Christmas because editors are just cleaning off their desks.  They won’t sent it in to close to a book fair because a busy agent might just reject it.  Summer vacation?  Nope.

That’s why I laughed when I saw Janet Reid’s response to this question.  To inelegantly summarize her answer, send it when it is ready.  If they are too busy, they will let it sit in their e-mail inbox.  They won’t take the time to reject it just to make it go away.

I’m not sure why writers have such a complicated set of rules about when to submit.  I suspect it has something to do with a bit of sympathetic magic superstition.  If I obey this complex array of rules, the universe will see me as worthy and I will land the agent of my dreams.

Um, no.  If you want to land the agent of your dreams follow these five simple steps.

1.  Find an agent who represents your type of writing.

2.  Make sure this agent doesn’t have an author just like you.

3.  Write, rewrite and rewrite some more.  Learn your craft and learn it well.

4.  Follow the instructions concerning how this agent wants to receive work.

5.  Hit send.

It may not work the first time, the tenth time or even the 22nd time but there are the steps that will mark you as a professional and will help you catch the eye of an equally professional agent.  Somehow I suspect that this works much better than only submitting in months with an odd number of days.



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