Gertrude Ederle vs the English Channel: A Lesson in Holding on to Your Rights

Gertrude Ederle vs the English CIsn’t the cover gorgeous?  Admittedly, I am a little biased.  Gertrude Ederle versus the English Channel is my latest book, available as an ebook through Schoolwide. It is part of Zing!, their digital library.

Have you ever heard someone say “don’t sell all rights”?  This is a book that shows the beauty of that advice.

Gertrude Ederle versus the English Channel is a piece of reader’s theater, a play to be read aloud in the classroom.  It was originally published in READ magazine way back in March, 2001.

When my Children’s Writer newsletter editor, Susan Tierney, moved to Schoolwide she put out a call for manuscripts.  I was in the middle of a project but Schoolwide was open to reprints.  Many of my pieces have been work-for-hire, but I had sold only North American serial rights to READ.  I scanned the published peice and sent it in.  I also sent her several pieces that had appeared in Young Equestrian magazine.  Four reprint submissions.  Four sales.

Whenever possible, hang on to your rights.

You don’t get the full effect with the cover but if you flip open the cover and peruse the pages, the design is gorgeous.  That watery art deco motife behind Ederle’s name?  It is found throughout the book which looks oh so art deco and amazingly jazzy. And I had to do very little work to make this sale and end up with this gorgeous book.

So whenever you can, hold on to your rights.  You never know when or where they might come in handy.