Agents: Agents currently looking for authors

Call for SubmissionsI love it when I find an agent that is looking for new writers.  Take a look at the names below and see if one of them might be a bood match for you.

Maria Lamba is an associate agent at the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency.  At the moment, she is interested in:

  • Young adult fiction
  • Middle grade fiction
  • Established illustrators and picture book authors

For specifics, check out her listing at the agency.


Jill Corcoran of the Jill Corcoran Literary Agency is on the lookout for new clients.  This is a listing I’m seriously considering!  She is interested in:

Commercial concepts.  Hook her with your 1-3 line pitch.

Picture books through YA.

She doesn’t tend to reveal specific topics because she knows that the right manuscript will grab her.  For specifics, check this page on her site.


Kristin Nelson of the Nelson Literary Agency wants young-adult and upper-level middle-grade novels in all subgenres. Check her page of submission guidelines.


It’s only three listings this time but these are three BIG agencies.  To hook one of these agents would be amazing.  As always, research before you submit.


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