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April 8, 2015

Inspiration: Writing Ideas


Blunder trophy or golden snitch?

Blunder trophy or golden snitch?

Over Spring Break, my family went to the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  Mounted on one wall was a display case full of blunder trophies.  These were the joking awards that the pilots gave each other when somebody goofed up.  There was a flying donkey, a bowler hat and even a pair of underwear (perhaps someone needed a clean pair) hanging on a clothes line. This is a picture of my favorite.  Remind you of anything?  Needless to say, it made me contemplate — where on earth did Rowling get the inspiration for the golden snitch?

Obviously, I haven’t a clue and I’m not likely to get the opportunity to ask but it made me think about the strange places we gather inspiration.  I didn’t expect to come away from this particular museum with too much to write about.  Yes, I’m writing a lot of history but write now I’m doing the modern civil rights movement.  Then I get to write about trench war fare in World War I.  Not a lot of aircraft possibilities in either of these.

But I did find the not-a-snitch which inspired this post.

I also noticed the early helicopters that all looked like folded paper kits — crisp lines and flat plains alongside the curved surfaces of the fixed wing aircraft of the same time.  That may come up in a fantasy some day.  A folded paper helicopter kit.

Then there was the nurse who rescued the orphans from Korea.  Yes, that story was amazingly inspirational in itself but oddly enough the mannequin depicting her was clearly a man.  There were other female mannequins in the museum and they were all clearly women.  Clearly. Women.  But this one — nope.  We have so many stories about women posing as men to serve.  What about the reverse?

The Air Force One hangar included an experimental aircraft shaped like a flying saucer.

Then there was the sixties Air Force One with the nubbly blue upholstered sofas and my kitchen counter in the kitchenette.

So many ideas in four crowded hangars.

Where do your ideas come from?



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