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April 6, 2015

Spring Cleaning: Sprucing Up My Office

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spruceHere in the St. Louis area spring is in the air.  The forsythia is blooming right outside my office window.  Birds are chirping. I want to be outside trimming and pulling and raking but I have a deadline.  Black Lives Matter is due in early May,  Once I meet that, I have an early June deadline for a book on WWI. On the Muffin yesterday (Easter Sunday), I wrote about how to work both an outside life and writing into your day.

Too many of us think we have to choose one or the other when, truly, every published writer I know has both. That said, I want to be outside more than I have time to be outside.  Deadlines, after all, must be met.  Add to that the fact that I really don’t like gardening when it is really wet out and spring in St. Loius can be more than damp.

My solution is to do a bit of sprucing up in my office.

  • Update my wallpaper.  Not the wallpaper on my office walls.  I actually have a strong dislike for that kind of wallpaper.  I mean the wallpaper on my desktop.  Right now I have a panorama of yellow tulips.  Springy!
  • Open a window.  Yes, it can be that simple.  Everything has been all closed up for winter.  But once I figured out which locks my son had tripped (he is getting way too tall) and slid the window open, I have birds galore.
  • Spring clean.  I had been working on cleaning out of my office and I’ve done a good job.  The extra chair is once again a chair and not a towering stack of paperwork.  The space in front of my monitor is mostly clear.  I need to clean that spot off again.  But I also want to do a bit more.  I’m going to pull down the curtain and run it through the wash.  Bye-bye cat hair.  Then I’ll clean the window.  My grandmother was right about how lovely a sparkling window can be.
  • Add some artwork.  I have a gorgeous painting of an iris but it is too tall to fit between my desk top and my shelves.  That said, we found a painting of . . . guess who?  Me!  My sister found this in a closet so I’m going to frame it and hang it over my desk as a reminder of my connection to my young audience.

How do you plan to spruce up your writing space this spring?



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