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April 2, 2015

Agents: Agents currently looking for authors

Call for SubmissionsHere are some agents who are looking for authors to represent.  Maybe one of the them will be the right fit for you.

Heather Flaherty at the Bent Agency is seeking:

  • Humorous issue related YA.
  • Contemporary YA with sf/f elements.
  • YA that is also horror or a ghost story.
  • Middle grade needs to be honest and accessible.
  • New Adult needs to have a strong story, not just romance or erotica.

Maria Vicente at P.S. Literary wants:

  • Young adult or middle grade nonfiction.
  • YA: Super creepy psychological horror.
  • YA: Magical realism.  Study The Strange & Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender.
  • YA:  SF that includes fringe science.
  • YA:  Contemporary with LGBTQ characters.
  • YA: POV character who happens to be the villain.
  • MG: Realistic but quirky. See Doll Bones.
  • MG:  Horror that reminds her why she loved Goosebumps.
  • MG: Graphic novel.
  • MG: A story with animal characters and a classic feel.  See Watership Down.
  • Literary picture books such as those written by Oliver Jeffers.
  • Picture book biography.
  • Chapter book series.

Eve Porinchak at Jill Corcoran is seeking:

  • Picture books through young adult.
  • Contemporary realistic YA with an unusual love story and “badass protagonists and cinematic writing.”

Lindsay Ribar at Greenburger Associates wants to find:

  • YA and MG fiction.
  • Paranormal romance, fantasy, soft sf, and mystery.
  • Anything with elements of music or musical theatre.

As always, research before you submit.  I try to weed out agencies that look off but you need to do your homework.



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