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March 25, 2015

Deadlines: Procrastination and Writing

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writing timeThis week, I’m not going to get much writing done.  I know this because my husband and son are both on Spring Break.  I used to be able to work with my son home but we have become That House.  You know the one where all the teens hang out?  It IS a good thing but it isn’t terribly conducive to writing.  Teen age boys are noisy beasts.

That wasn’t my excuse last week.  My first chapter and outline were due Friday.  Monday, I wrote my church blog. I went to the library.  And I roughed most of chapter one but I didn’t get that done until about 11:30 pm.

Tuesday I needed to rough my book outline.  That would give me time to rewrite the chapter Wednesday, ignore it all Thursday while my husband read it, and then rewrite and submit Friday.

So naturally I agreed to work at the highschool for 2 and 1/2 hours Tuesday.

It looks like procrastinating but something I’ve learned is that if I have the whole day to write, I won’t finish until late in the day and I’ll be flaky and strange because I do anything else worthwhile all day long.  If I volunteer at the high school, I’ll get started on my writing before I leave. That way I just have to finish when I get back.  If I have all day, I won’t even start until I’d be returning home from the highschool.

100% writing doesn’t work for me but neither does over booking my schedule.  The key is to find a happy medium.

What works best for you?

Check out my post on reasons we procrastinate over on the Muffin.



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