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March 17, 2015

Querying: Query Letter Tips

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Kristin at Nelson Literary recently published a series of blog posts on querying.  I really appreciated these posts since I’ve been sending out more of my work lately.  Here are some of the tips that I gleaned from her 3 posts:Query letter tips

Short and simple gets a better response than long and wordy.  It may not seem fair but if you can keep your pitch paragraph to 5-7 sentences, you have a better chance.  Why?  Because agents like Nelson will know that that amount of attention to craft in a query says something about the craft of your manuscript.  A poorly crafted, wordy query indicates that your manuscript will likely be wordy and poorly crafted.

Pitch Perfect Rules.  Put extra effort into your pitch paragraph.  Why?  Because agents frequently don’t read the entire letter.  Hook them with the pitch paragraph and they will look at the rest.  Fail to sell your project in that one simple paragraph and you probably won’t get a second chance.

Show that you’re a pro.  Once you’ve hooked the agent with your pitch, let your professionalism shine.  Show that you know where your work fits into the present market.  Identify the genre of your manuscript.  Young adult mystery.  Middle grade adventure.  Humorous picture book. List competing books.  Identify your audience.  Fans of XXX will like this book because…

You’ve put so much effort into your manuscript.  Now it’s time to put the work into a top-notch query so that you can get your work into the hands of potential agents and editors.

You can read Kristin Nelson’s original posts here (post 1, post 2, and post 3).





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