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March 16, 2015

Marketing Your Book

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how to market your bookBecause I write book reviews, I know when new books come out without even looking at my calendar.

In part, that’s because this is when the e-mails arrive.  “I’ve written a book.”  Or, if someone has a publicist or the publisher does a great deal of marketing, “so-and-so has written a book.”

This is also when the posts show up on Facebook.  “Here’s the cover of my book.”  “Here’s an excerpt from my book.”

The problem is that I see so many of both that you are going to have to do more than that to catch my attention.  You need to let me know why I want to review your book.  Why does it matter to me?  Why is it of interest to my readers?

I know I sound high maintenance but the reality is that it doesn’t matter who you approach with your book.  Unless they are your grandmother or your first grade teacher, you are going to have to sell.

Just how you do this depends on your book, but here are three things that will work for a variety of books:

Show that you know.  Don’t approach a target audience with a hard sell on the book itself.  Instead, tell them what the book will do for them. Will it hold a preschool story time in rapt silence?  Will it help sixth graders understand how plot and character interact?  Explain how they will use and benefit from your book and you will have made it personal.  Face it, everyone likes to feel understood.

Offer a service.  When the time comes, don’t just try to put your book into someone’s hand.  Offer them your book and something more.  “I will come into your classroom and teach your children about fiction vs nonfiction.”  “I will help your class explore writing through inquiry based activities based on Mayan art.”  You aren’t just selling a book, you’re selling an experience.

Summon your minions.  Even before your book comes out, build your blog readership or network on Facebook.  That way when your latest and greatest does come out, your assembled forces will spread the word.  A librarian or book store owner is far more likely to sit up and take notice when a patron or fan requests your work than if you try to peddle it.

People want good books but you have to get their attention in just the right way.




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