Pitches wanted for ASK magazine

Call for SubmissionsAlthough I’ve never tried to break into ASK magazine, this theme is pretty tempting. The current theme is “making stuff.”  This is what the editors of ASK have to say:

“Long ago, people made everything they needed. Why not give it a try?
“Pioneer skills; living history town or farm; 3d printers; how to make soap, cloth, other item; Plastic from milk; DIY cell phone; Makerspaces; making stuff from recycled material.”

ASK is part of the Cricket group.  They don’t want completed articles but queries. The editors are looking for feature articles (1200-1600 words); the occasional photo essay (400-600 words); humor (200-400 words); short pieces on rofiles of people, inventions, events, or art (200-400 words); and experiments that match the theme.

If, like me, you haven’t written for this magazine, be prepared to include a writing sample of 200 unedited words on any nonfiction topic.

Final copy must be scientifically correct and you will have to include a bibliography.

Interested? Check out their complete guidelines here.