Agents Looking for Clients

Call for SubmissionsYes, I’m looking at agents and here are three who caught my attention.

Sean McCarthy, who has his own agency, wants to see:

  • humorous MG and YA but necessarilly zany or slapstick
  • multifacted YA characters
  • MG mysteries and adventure that are boy friendly
  • picture books with great characters, off-beat humor and clever endings

I was especially pleased to see that recent sales for his agency include No Fits Nelson.


Linda Epstein, associate agents at Jennifer deChiara, wants:

  • Funny, quirky picture books.  Only pitch one but don’t approach her until you have more than one to sell.
  • Middle grade that is character driven but has a lot of action.
  • Young adult with real teenage characters but not issue stories that are only about the issue.

Here is a blog post with tons of specifics.


Sally Apokedak at Leslie H. Slobbe Literary Agency.

  • Picture books with quirky, fun, characters.  Make it a great read aloud. Conflict and character growth a plus.
  • Funny, boy oriented middle grades.  Loves fantasy but wants strong voice in any genre.
  • YA fantasy a favorite.  Also loves dystopian, fairy tales, and mysteries.
  • Nonfiction for all ages with topics ranging from devotionals to science to biography.

Don’t see anyone here that fits your needs?  Here is a list of ten different agents all looking for clients.  I don’t think they all represent children’s or young adult literature but there are several agents that I haven’t discussed here. Before submitting to any agent, google them.  Read all you can find about them.  Look for the best possible fit both in terms of what you write and what you want the agent to do for you.

And, as always, good luck!


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