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February 12, 2015

How Long Does It Take You to Write a Book…

Nonfiction challengeSpecifically, how long does it take you to rough a nonfiction picture book?  I have several texts that have never gotten past the idea stage.  Others are well past the idea stage but draft one (or three) taught me what was wrong with the frame I was using and I stopped just short of roughing it out using the better frame.

Author Nancy I. Sanders may help me get past this.  She has issued a challenge complete with the tools we need to get the job done.  Her challenge — rough out a nonfiction picture book in three weeks.

You read that right — three weeks.  It sounds impossible but Nancy is realistic.  She expects us each to have the general idea (are you going to write about armadillos or eagles or time zones) and have the research materials in hand before we start this three week challenge.

The tools that she has shared include the idea of using a mentor text to get you started and a sample 3 week book calendar to show how she is blocking out her activities to get this job done.  You can use either her sample calendar or the blank calandar that she also provides.

I have a cave picture book that I’ve been wanting to write for ages.  I’ve bought some of the books and need to request the others.

What about it?  Are you up for Nancy’s challenge?




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