Diversity Reading Challenge

Pam Loves Books, aka The Unconventional Librarian, has created a top-notch reading challenge for those of us who love books for children and teens.  The challenge, if you accept it, is a Diversity Reading Challenge.

Take a look at the graphic to the right.  I have to admit that although I read a wide variety of books, I’m not always incredibly conscious about whether or not they were written by a diverse group of authors.  To meet this challenge, I’m going to have to be more aware, but that seems to be the point.

What are some of the possibilities?  Admittedly, I’m going to interpret diverse rather broadly as in non-European-American.

1.  Sitting here on my desk is Separate is Never Equal.  The author is from Mexico.

2.  I’m not going to cheat and use book #1 again, but on my desk I also have Dreaming In Indian: Contemporary Native American Voices.

3.  What could I read for this one?  I like nonfiction so I’m considering Susan Kuklin’s Beyond Magenta.

4.  Again for me and nonfiction, but I will probably read A Boy and His Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz.

5.  I’m tempted to go with the old favorite Hooway for Wodney Wat which I would not have chosen if I had considered how hard that would be to type.  But I want to read something new so I’ve requested Ben Rides On.

6.  I just read Josephine but I’ll look around and see what else I can find for this one.

7.  I’ve requested Firebird.

8.  I’ve requested On a Clear Day.  

9.  Another request, this time for Nathan Blows out the Hannukah Candles.

10.  One City, Two Brothers was awesome, but I want to find something new to me.

11.  Hmm.  I’ll admit.  This is something I generally avoid.  Call me whimpy.  Maybe The Mockingbirds?

12.  I’ve already read My Two Moms  and Patricia Polacco’s In Our Mother’s House.  Any suggestions for this one?