Activity Writing

When I write activities for, sometimes I pitch my ideas and then write-up the ones my editor selects.  That was the case with these Valentine’s Day activities.

Valentine’s Venn Diagram” to help teach about “same” and “different.”

Valentine’s Word Game” is a matching game.

I Love Syllables” for practice counting syllables.

Love Spoons” for a Valentine’s Day craft.

Heart Math” for conversation heart related math.

Cool Hearts” is an art project for slightly older kids.

She told me that she needed 3rd grade art, early grade school reading and math and then I pitch a whole list of ideas.  If she ultimately wants 20 write-ups, I try to send her 25-30 ideas.  This group here shows that you really can turn anything into a holiday related activity.  This not only interests young learners who want to do something related to various holidays but also interests editors when you send them ideas that are timely.

Sometimes my editor wants a project on something very specific and often already has the photo.  This take a different kind of creativity because I have to find something that goes along with the photo but somehow goes beyond it to become something “more.”  Admittedly, I prefer pitching and writing my own ideas but this is a different type of challenge and I like doing them too.  My last batch included:

Pinball Machine Game” for a fun rainy day game for a group.

Wax Paper Skating” which is pretty self-explanatory but was a challenge to write up.

Mini Ice Sculptures” sounds like an art project but actually lets young learners familiarize themselves with the properties of ice.

Suncatcher Craft” for a recycling project that uses old CDs or DVDs.

I really like working on activities after doing a bigger project like a book so over the next few weeks I may work on getting a few out to Highlights.