Branching Out Creatively

Alive NowIs all of your writing in one area?  I know people who write only picture books or only YA.  Others writer fiction but would never touch nonfiction or just the opposite.

And I can see the point of that.  You brand yourself.  When they see your name, editors and readers know what to expect.  And that’s good.

But I don’t write only one thing and I’ve come to view that as a strength.  At one point, most of what I wrote was for Young Equestrian Magazine (YE).  Fortunately, that was also about the time I started writing for Children’s Writer newsletter.  I say fortunately because eventually YE closed.  I sure was glad to have another type of writing to fall back on.

That isn’t the only reason that I write more than one thing.  Some of my ideas are young adult or middle grade nonfiction and nothing else.  Others are still nonfiction but perfect picture books or magazine articles.  Then there are the ideas that I have for crafts, science experiments and even the occasional essay or devotional.

One of my devotionals is in the January/February issue of Alive Now.  You can read the blog post that I wrote for them about creativity here.

I wouldn’t say that writing only one thing is bad, but it is something that definitely would not work for me.


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