Curing Your Writer’s Block

Over Christmas Break, my writing slowed to a near halt.  I was having problems with a back ache and it just didn’t inspire me to sit for any length of time at my desk.  Then my husband asked me a question.  “Have you been planking?”

Ugh.  The reality is that I despise planking and, even when I’m working out, conveniently forget to do it.  And that’s on a good day so, no, with an achy back, I had not been planking.  But this ache had been with me for two weeks so I was willing to try.  And, as long as I was going to plank, I might as well do something I enjoy so I got on my treadmill.  Much to  my utter disgust and my husband’s ability to be a pill, the planking helped.  Immediately.

Feeling much better, my writing started to come together as well, but was it just because my back no longer ached?  I hate to admit this, but I think part of it was the exercise.  Exercise gets the blood flowing and, with it, my thought flow as well.

Author of The DaVinci Code, Dan Brown agrees.  He keeps an hour class on his work table and once an hour sets it to work out for a specific period of time.  He does, ugh, calesthenics.  He also believes in getting the blood flowing directly to his brain, but I’ll let him tell you about that himself.  Just click on the video.

Sad to say, because I’m really not fond of exercise, but it does help me get beyond whatever is keeping my words at bay.  What works for you?


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