Picture book, early reader or app?

manuscriptLast year, I sold a manuscript.  Well, I thought I sold it but the contract never showed up because the company started having money problems.  Needless to say, I need to get it back out there but I’m left trying to decide what it is.

Maybe it is really an early reader.  That’s how I originally wrote it.  One of the companies I was writing for way back when wanted to start their own line of early readers.  They sent each of their writers a box full the kinds of stories they wanted to produce.  I wrote and submitted four pieces, including this particular manuscript.  I made sure that the reading level was in their tartet range.  I double checked to make sure I had only written simple sentences.   Then they cancelled the line.

I pulled out my favorite story of the four.  It was short and poetic, so I rewrote the manuscript as a picture book.  I made sure there were enough illustration possibilities.  I amped up the characterization.  I made sure to include fun word play.  I submitted it to several publishers but never got anything more than a polite rejection.

When I read about a publisher looking for apps, I pulled this piece out.  I still loved the simplicity of the story and it had what was needed for the type of app this publish wanted.  This wasn’t a situation but a complete story.  There was also plenty of room for interaction.  In this case, the reader could cue a variety of sounds from the story.  An interactive map would allow the reader to decide which path to take.

I submitted the manuscript and had a long phone call with the publisher.  We shared the same vision for the manuscript.  Yes!  I would love to do this . . .

I’m starting to wonder if this particular story is cursed but it has gotten close often enough that I know there is something editor’s love.  But which editors?  App editos?  Ebook editors?  Or traditional picture books?  Part of deciding is knowing what it takes for a story to succeed in each category.  To read more on that, check out my post today at the Muffin.


2 thoughts on “Picture book, early reader or app?

  1. It is a combination of things really. Part of it is the story itself. Which sensibility does it fit? Whose story are you telling? Obviously, there is a big difference between preschool and middle grade, but there is also a difference between chapter book and middle grade. Part of it is the text — picture books are great read alouds but often harder to read than an early reader. Check out my post today on the Muffin (http://muffin.wow-womenonwriting.com/2015/01/what-have-i-written-different-types-of.html) and see if that helps. And ask more questions if I haven’t given you enough to go on.

    Some stories really do take multiple attempts to find the right form.

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