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December 31, 2014

The Agent Hunt

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Agent searchI’m playing around with the idea of looking for an agent in 2015.  And I don’t mean sending a manuscript to this agent or that agent when I likely name crosses my path; that was my 2014 agent search.  If I’m going to LOOK for an agent, I need to get serious and that means going through the SCBWI agent guide, going through all the printouts I’ve saved and doing some serious comparison and contrast.

One of the big things that I’ll be looking at is whether this is a new agent or an established agent.

There are pluses to submitting to a new agent.

  • New agents need to build a client list.  They need to find new clients.
  • New agents are often the ones granting interviews and going to conferences because of #1.  This means that it is easier to find out about them — whether they are editorial agents, what they like, etc.
  • New agents don’t have as many estaliblished clients taking up all their time.

An established agent has a client list and can be pickier about what new work they sign, but there are also pluses to established agents.

  • Established agents have more contacts.  They can get your manuscript read by editor you can’t approach.
  • They have a track record.  A google search will show you what an established agent has sold and often find comments (hopefully praise) from their authors.

Still not sure which way I will go hungry and new vs established and well-connected.  Which choice would you make?




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