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December 29, 2014

Loving What You Do

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loveWhat is it that you love most about your writing?  There really isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question.

Because I write so much nonfiction, one of the things that I love is that my writing allows me to share strange and unusual facts with young readers who love this odd tidbits just as much as I do.  Academia would have made an attempt to pigeon hole me.  Writing for children let’s my interest fly free.

Not only do I get to share these facts, I get to find them, to research them and to collect them.  Visiting museum exhibits, watching documentaries and reading — I get to do them all in the name of work.

I love talking to young readers about my work.  The most fun for me personally is talking to my son’s friends.  They want to know what I’m researching now, when is the book due, how long is it and more.  Some of them are bolder than others.  They are the ones who freely tell me what I should be writing about.  Every time I see one young man, he reminds me that I should be writing fantasy, not fiction in general, fantasy.  Why?  That’s all he reads.  He’s also the one that discusses his own book idea with me.  He doesn’t seem especially worried that I’m going to take this idea and make it my own.  Maybe that’s why he keeps asking if I’m writing fantasy — am I still a safe sounding board?

We all write because we love it, but sometimes the love wears thin.  If this has happened to you, read yesterday’s post on the Muffin and regain some of this affection.



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