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December 11, 2014

Planner or Pantser?

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plot or pantsOne of the things that you hear writers talk about is whether they outline or plan vs writing by the seat of their pants.  Me?  I like to have some idea where things are going.  It may not be much of an outline, but I have something especially if I’m writing fiction.

But then I started thinking and I don’t remember exactly what sparked the thought.

I generally have a plan for my writing week.  I may not know exactly what I’m doing every writing day but I know on Monday that I need to get A, B, C, D and E done during this partciular week.  And yet, as I wrote about it Deadlines, I’m really good at meeting external deadlines and much less good about meeting internal deadlines.  To an extent, it makes sense.  If someone is going to pay me to write up F and G, they may very well bump C, D, and E off my to-do list.

But here’s what I’ve been noodling over — Many of my external deadlines are for fiction.  Or more elaborate nonfiction.  Maybe I get sidetracked, in part, because I’m not on much of a track to start with.  I think I know where I’m going, at least vaguely, but there is some sort of a problem with my plan.  Maybe there’s a plot hole I need to plug, a character that needs to be added or a setting that is little more than a shadow.  Maybe I get sidetracked because I’m still working things out and I work them out better as I write.

Could I . . . is it possible . . . that I am really a pantser?  Self-deluded but a pantser none-the-less?

This is definitely something that I’m going to be noodling over in the coming weeks.





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