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November 26, 2014

Being Your Authentic Self

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As writers we struggle.  How can you present something to the publishing world that fits into a cateogory that marketing will understand while also producing something that is unique and truly your own?  If you’ve tried to do this and had trouble making sales, you may be tempted to believe that it simply cannot be done.  There are days that I would agree with you but then I saw this TED presentation on being yourself.

At only 16, Rosie King has filmed a documentary, illustrated a book and filmed a TED presentation.  She’s done all of these things living within the autism spectrum; Rosie has been diagnosed with Asphergers.  I loved the part where she describes spending time in a world in her own head when the real world, very often in algebra, proves tedious and dull.  And doesn’t that “world in her head” sound familiar?

In spite of the fact that she does not fit in the “normal” box, Rosie has accomplished so much.  As she explains it is because she finds a goal and sets about making it so.  She doesn’t seek approval or evaluate her idea against others that are normal.  She simply does.

Where would we be in the world of literature if Rowling had agreed that her books are too long, if Jeff Kinney capitulated about combining text with simple line drawings or if Suzanne Collins realized that no one would accept such a harsh, unhappy setting in a children’s book.

Find the world in your head and commit it to story.



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