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November 5, 2014

Writing Jobs: What to Apply for and What to Avoid…

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MuffinWhen I saw the write up on the job, I got excited.  The publisher is looking for someone to write a young adult nonfiction on the history and mythology of a particular culture.  Whoa!   Perfection.  I’m a nonfiction writer with degrees in . . . drum roll please . . . anthropology and history.  The ad didn’t have a link to the pubilsher’s site but I did a quick Google search and popped on over.  I’d check out the publisher, apply for the job and then repost the “help wanted” ad here on the blog.

So where is it?

Unfortunately, I talked myself out of it because I didn’t like what I saw.  I’ll admit it — if something about a publisher or agent feels a bit off, I don’t apply.  I just click the tab on my browser closed and go on to something else.

I was a little concerned about my tendency to be judgemental until a friend found herself in a situation.  She hadn’t followed her gut and made contact.  I had followed my gut and blew this “amazing opportunity” off.  Sadly, she was the one who ended up regretting her decision.

So how do I handle a blind ad?  Those are the ones that say they are looking for an author for such-and-such project but don’t give them name of the publisher.  I will apply for these but once they make contact, I check them out.  Again, if I don’t like what I see, I make my apologies and back out.

What criteria do you look for before you take a writing job?  To find out the specifics that I use when evaluating a publisher, check out my post today on the Muffin.



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