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November 4, 2014

Slant: How to make your work suit a specific market

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Last week, I watched a video-interview with Marla Frazee.  Yes, she’s an illustrator, but in this interview she discusses why it took her so long to consistently sell her work.  She had failed to suit it to the specific market because she didn’t realize how it needed to differ if she was illustrating an ad vs an educational work vs a picture book.

Now that you’ve watched the video, think about it.  I can write something up for a parenting market, an educational market and a trade market.  But when I do, how will they differ?

A parent may want to educate but they probably won’t have specific education standards in mind although they may want to reinforce a lesson learned in school.  For parents, think enrichment but also think entertainment.  It also needs to be do-able in a home environment with a limited number of children.

A teacher will have educational standards in mind.  If I can give her something that will teach not only reading but also writing and science, so much the better.

A juvenile trade market will want to appeal directly to the young reader (or their intermediary).  This might again be the parent but there will be an even greater sense of fun and play and being for the child.  Depending on the reader’s age, this could mean that things are a touch irreverant.  Humor works at all ages although the nature of the humor will change.

Now think about your favorite writing topic.  What is your market?  Have you created something that is truly suited to that market?  Or are you trying to sell something that is one size fits all but, that in truth, fits no one?



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