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November 3, 2014

Research and how it impacts my reading

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reading researchI’ve only listed twelve pieces below for my October reading list because so much of what I’ve been reading in the last month I only read in part.  Most of my reading in the last 4 weeks has been for my book on Pearl Harbor.  So far, my bibliography is 30 items long.  This bibliography includes web pages, journal articles, books and printed oral history interviews.

How can I read that much in one month?  I only read the parts the have to do with my topic.

I don’t know if this is how everyone does their research but this way seems to work for me.  That said, it isn’t how I’ve always done it.  For years, I read each and every book from start to finish.  Then I told a college professor that I was having troubles finishing an assignment and he looked at me like I might be entirely clueless.

“You’re reading all of every book?  Why?  Just read the parts that apply.”

In this case, I’m reading about Pearl Harbor, but I’m also reading about the events that led to it, the American response and move to join the war and the Japanese internment.  I need to know not only Pearl Harbor but the context as well.

How do you read when you do research?


October Reading List

  1. Asim, Jabari. Fifty Cents and a Dream: Young Booker T. Washington (Little, Brown and Company)
  2. Barnett, Mac.  Chloe and the Lion (Disney Hyperion)
  3. Barnett, Mac.  Extra Yarn (Balzer and Bray)
  4. Barnett, Mac. Telephone (Chronicle Books)
  5. Cole, Henry.  Jack’s Garden (Greenwillow Books)
  6. Colfer, Chris.  The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell (Hachette)
  7. Dillard, Sarah.  Extraordinary Warren Saves the Day (Aladdin)
  8. Manushkin, Fran.  Moo, Katie Woo! (Picture Window Books)
  9. Rosenstock, Barb.  Ben Franklin’s Big Splash: A Mostly True Story of His First Invention (Calkins Creek)
  10. Semple, Maria.  Where’d You Go, Bernadette? (Hachett)
  11. Smith, Myquillyn.  The Nesting Place (Zondervan)
  12. Trunage, Sheila.  The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing (Kathy Dawson Books)



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