Citations: The various formats used to cite your sources

OWL at Purdue LogoTechnically there is no single right way to cite your sources.  The whole purpose of citations is to enable your editor, or your reader, to find these same materials.

That said, various editors and publishers each have their favorite style.  The most common are APA (American Psychological Association), The Chicago Manual of Style, and MLA (Modern Language Association). The staff at Red Line Editorial wants everything in MLA (Modern Language Association) format.  Fortunately, if your editor or publisher wants any of these three styles, you can find the information on how to cite in this style at the Purdue Online Writing Lab or OWL.  OWL is an amazing source of information on writing, academic writing, punctuation, writing assignments, how to conduct research and how to site your sources.

To find information on each of these three styles, follow the appropriate link below:

Whenever I want to cite something that isn’t explained in one of the many examples, I simply gather all of the information that someone would need to find that museum exhibit or display and format it in the style of the other citations.

Hope this helps you find the information that you need to cite the sources you are using for your current project.