Audience: How Knowing Who They Are Matters

AudienceI write on a variety of topics for multiple audiences.  What do I mean by this?

Crafts and activities are one of my mainstays but I don’t write them all for the same audience.  The pieces in Gryphon House anthologies were written for preschool teachers. Those on are for parents who may also use these activities with scouting groups and the like.  Sometimes I write things up for the kids themselves.  Whenever I write up a craft or activity, it is vital to know who my audience is because this introduces suble differences in how I handle the topic.

When I write for preschool teachers, I emphasize flexibility.  The piece is good for a group in that they can do much of it themselves, the supplies are inexpensive and can be prepped ahead and it is easy to clean up.  If it is an activity or pretend play, it is flexible in allowing a larger or smaller number of children to participate.

When I write for the parents who read, I emphasize the educational aspects of the activity.  It will hook your child with FUN and they will learn something too. Crafts need to be educational and it is definitely a bonus if they are attractive and can be displayed in the home.

Kids, on the other hand, want something that is fun.  They want to show the adults what they can do.  If you can make them feel daring, so much the better.

Now think about your current project.  Who is the audience?  How does knowing this influence your approach or your message?  How would that approach or message change with a different audience?