Fueling the Creative Fire

classesWhat do you do to recharge your creative battery?

I’m currently taking my 3rd massive online class.  A lot of writers that I know take classes about writing or literature, but that isn’t the route that I go.  I’ve been taking classes about science.  Although I like to about science topics, I’m also taking them simply for the pleasure of learning about a topic I love.

I sit here and listen to the video lectures while I knit.  I answer the questions found throughout the lectures and examine the scanned fossils.  When I’m done with the lectures for the week, I take the quiz.

Yes, I’m learning things that I can use in my writing.  No, I’m not planning a book on dinosaurs although that would be great fun.  But one of the lectures had a lot of information on what we KNOW about dinosaurs vs what we INFER.  When you test a hypothesis through computer modeling or experiments, you can prove what was not possible more easily than what was.  For instance, scientists can learn whether or not specific pachyosephelosaurus could have butted heads like rams without shattering their skulls or giving themselves brain damage.  Do scientists know that they did this?  Nope.  They know that they could have done it.

If, on the other hand, their skulls were too fragile, scientists could have disproven the point.

Yeah. My sister doesn’t care either but its the sort of thing that makes me giddy.  Yeah, I’ve always been a little strange.  But this is the sort of thing that is so hard to get across to young readers when you write about science.  What a fun way to explain the limits of a theory!

I’m taking a class on dinosaurs. What class would you want to take just for the joy of learning?  It might not feed directly into your wirting but it might enrich it in unexpected ways.