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October 10, 2014

Call for Submissions: Fun for Kidz

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Fun For Kidz MagazinesIt seems like a lot of magazines are updating their theme lists.  Fun for Kidz, which pays 5 cents a word, has also updated their themes. In addition to Fun For Kidz magazine, this group includes Boys’ Quest and Hopscotch.  

Unlike many publications, this group updates their themes as they accept submissions.  The themes for which they currently need pieces are:

For Hopscotch:  

Unique and Unusual, publication date April 2015.

Sports, publication date June 2015.

Frogs, Toads and Salamanders, publication date April 2017.


For Boys’ Quest:

Sports, publication date Feb. 2015.

Fun with words, publication date Aug. 2015

Rocks, publication date December 2015

Communication, publication date April 2016

Summertime, publication date June 2016

Unique Careers, publication date December 2016



For Fun for Kidz:

Imagination, publication date January 2015

Healthy Fun, publication date May 2015

Dollars and Sense, publication date July 2015

Cooking Fun, publication date Sept. 2015

Camping, publication date May 2016

Water Sports, publication date July 2016

Grandparents, publication date November 2016


Visit their web site for complete guidelines and information on how to submit your work.



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