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October 8, 2014

Call for Submissions: Cobblestone Magazine

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CCall for Submissionsobblestone is the Cricket group’s history magazine and they’ve updated their theme list.  Upcoming themes and their query deadlines are:

  • Oklahoma’s Spiro Site (10/15), due 11/1/14
  • Little-known Civil War Heroes (11/15), due 12/2/14
  • Wild West Shows (1/16), due 1/2/15
  • Angel Island (2/16), due 2/3/15
  • Revolutionary Women (3/16), due 3/3/15
  • Man-Made Marvels (4/16), due 4/1/15
  • National Parks and Conservation (5/16), due 5/1/15
  • Olympics (7/16), due 6/1/15

Here is what they use in Cobblestone.  

Feature Articles  of 700-800 words including in-depth nonfiction, plays, first-person accounts, and biographies.
Supplemental Nonfiction of 300-600 words including subjects directly and indirectly related to the theme. Little-known information a plus but don’t overlook the obvious.
Fiction of up to 800 words including authentic historical and biographical fiction, adventure, retold legends, relating to the theme.
Activities of up to 700 words including crafts, recipes, woodworking, or other projects. Sketches and description of how activity relates to theme should accompany queries.
Poetry of up to 100 lines.
Puzzles and Games but no word finds.  Crossword and other word puzzles or mazes or picture puzzles relating to theme.

Queries must include a cover letter, an outline and a bibliography.  For details, read the full Cobblestone submission guidelines.



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