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October 6, 2014

Prioritizing My Writing

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Setting prioritiesLast Friday, I met my deadline for Before I broke for lunch, I sent off 30 activities, 13 photos and 4 supplemental files.

I didn’t have any more deadlines on my calendar.  The post-lunch plan was to finish my blog posts for this week, plan the next chapter in my latest nonfiction project, and pick my topics for educational nonfiction for the University of Kansas Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation.  They are currently taking submissions of nonfiction and fiction for two different projects and you can submit up to five pieces.

That was my plan when I want to lunch.

By the time I came back to my desk, I had an e-mail from my contact at Red Line.  Would I be willing to write a book for a new series?

As quick as that, my priorities shifted because my answer was “You bet!”  As of Friday, midafternoon, I’m writing a book on Pearl Harbor.

Do you set weekly writing goals?  If I don’t, I don’t get much done.

That said, I try to be flexible. If I’m working on something that doesnt’ have a deadline and an editor offers me money to write something else, I generally say YES.  After all, writing is how I make a living.  That means that writing that comes with a paycheck attached generally takes priority.

Generally.  Every once in a while I’m offered a job that simply doesn’t interest me or will be far more work than is warrented by the paycheck.

There are always “personal” pieces that I am writing not because I have a contract but because I simply have to write them. I  try to make it a priorty to make at least some progress on my current “personal project” every week.  On weeks that I’m on deadline, I may not finish much on this project but I try to do a little.

How do you prioritize your writing?



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