30 Days to a Stronger Novel

30DaysUdemy-960x540-150For anyone who has taken part in Darcy Pattison’s Novel Revision Retreat or used her book, Novel Metamorphosis, you know how eye opening her techniques can be.  Follow them, actually utilize them, and you will see your work improve by leaps and bounds as will your understanding of your writing.

Darcy is now offering an online video course through Udemy.  30 Days to a Strong Novel begins in November.

Because it is an online course, you access the videos whenever your schedule allows.  You don’t have to wait until a specific date to watch a video.  For those of you who don’t know Darcy and her work, this won’t just be someone talking at you.  Darcy will give you something to do, something specific that, if you put it into use, will improve your work.

Here is her table of contents for the course:

  • Watership Down with Armadillos: Titles
  • Search Me: Subtitles
  • Defeat Interruptions: Chapter Divisions
  • Scarlett or Pansy: The Right Character Name
  • My Wound is Geography: Stronger Settings
  • Horse Manure: Stronger Setting Details
  • Weaklings: Every Character Must Matter
  • Take Your Character’s Pulse
  • Yin-Yang: Connecting Emotional and Narrative Arcs
  • Owls and Foreigners: Unique Character Dialogue
  • Sneaky Shoes: Inner and Outer Character Qualities
  • Friends or Enemies: Consistent Character Relationships
  • Set Up the Ending: Begin at the Beginning
  • Bang, Bang! Ouch! Scene Cuts
  • Go Away! Take a Break
  • Power Abs for Novels
  • White Rocks Lead Me Home: Epiphanies
  • The Final Showdown
  • One Year Later: Tie up Loose Ends
  • Great Deeds: Find Your Theme
  • The Wide, Bright Lands: Theme Affects Setting
  • Raccoons, Owls, and Billy Goats: Theme Affects Characters
  • Side Trips: Choosing Subplots
  • Of Parties, Solos, and Friendships: Knitting Subplots Together
  • Feedback: Types of Critiquers
  • Feedback: What You Need from Readers
  • Stay the Course
  • Please Yourself First
  • The Best Job I Know to Do
  • Live. Read. Write.

Something that caught my attention – Darcy is offering a group discount.  This means that if you can get your critique group to sign up, you will all save money.

I’m serious when I tell you that if you sign up for a class with Darcy and apply the techniques, you will be amazed at the growth you see in your work.  I’m not just saying that because she is a friend, although she is.  Darcy is one of the most analytic writers that I know.  I’m not particularly analytic in my writing so she compliments me well and I always learn something about my work when I analyze it Darcy-style.  If you are serious about your writing, find out more about the class here.