Why do blog comments disappear?

ICommentsf you try to comment on my post and the comment disppears, please e-mail me (suebradfordedwards at yahoo dot com).  There are a variety of reasons that this might happen on a blog and I can fix most of them.

Comment Moderation.  I don’t moderate comments as they come in but some bloggers do this.  If that is that case your comment will disappear until the blogger okays it. That will not be the case here.

New Commentor.  For whatever reason, the first time you comment, WordPress is suspicious.  What if this person isn’t legit?  It holds the comment for moderation.  I just have to click post and then, not only should that comment appear, your future comments will also post no problem, no delay.

Overzealous Filter.  Sometimes, and I have no clue why this happens, my filter goes crazy and, suddenly, perfectly legitimate comments go into the spam folder. I can retrieve them but I have to admit that I seldom look at this folder closely before I empty it. Why?  Because all of my parts are the right size and I don’t want any bootleg anything.  I’m just boring that way.

These are the only reasons that I know of that a post would *POOF* and disappear.  If you know of another, please comment below.  If you can.  Ahem.




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