Goal Setting

Goal trackingHave you reviewed how you set your goals lately?

I turned an inexpensive picture frame into a dry erase board where I make a list.  I organize it by Deadline Paying, which is generally contracted items and my Muffin posts; Deadline No Pay, for blog posts and assignments etc for any classes that I’m taking; and Slush which is pretty self-explanatory.  That works pretty well because things with deadlines don’t get lost on those week where I have 6 video lectures to watch, a quiz to take and a mess of blog posts to write.  As I worked through the list,  I would mark things off with a black dry erase pen.

The problem I’ve noticed is that unless I have a deadline, I’ve gotten really bad about getting to things.  Even deadline items lag.  No, I’m never late but I end up working like mad for a few days before a deadline.  This has been an issue for about 3 months now.

Last week, I updated this system.  Each day, Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday, I mark things off with a single color.  That way I can see how much I got done in any one day.  If I make sure I get a lot done on Monday, purple this last time around, then I push myself to get a lot done on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Fortunately, I’m competitive enough that I’m willing to compete with myself.

The good news is that my productivity has greatly increased.  For more on this, read my blog post for today at the Muffin.


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