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September 11, 2014

Why You Need a Teaching Guide with Debbie Gonzalez

Teachers guideAs writers, we want to put our books in the hands of young readers. One of the best ways to do this is to get your book in the classroom.

Get your book in the classroom?  How do you do that?

You make it attractive to teachers.  You make it easy for them to use.  One of the best ways to do this is with a top notch teacher’s guide.  Debbie Gonzalez spoke on this topic at the Missouri SCBWI conference. Here are a few tips that I gathered together.

Teacher’s guides are distributed for free to teachers.  They are often found on either the author’s web site or the publishers web site.

Sometimes the publisher produces the guide or pays someone like Debbie Gonzalez.  Sometimes it is the author who does it.  Yes, Debbie has been paid by authors who want a guide for their book but aren’t confident in their own abilities.

Some guides focus on discussion with a variety of questions that can be discussed outloud or in essays.

Other guides have a variety of hands on activities.  Drawing a line from item A in one column to the corresponding item in the other column is not active.

By cutting and pasting and otherwise using the information, young readers make it their own.

No matter what types of items you include in your guide, care about what you are doing.  Have fun and let your enthusiasm show through.  This will hook both the teacher and her students.

For some ideas of what you might include in a guide, Debbie links to a wide variety of guides from her blog.  Take a look at what’s there and think about what might work for your book.  The possibilities are endless as is Debbie’s enthusiasm.



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