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September 5, 2014

How to Make Sales

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Say YesRecently I was asked by a fellow writers how I make so many sales.  “I see your name everywhere!”
Flattering though that may be, I’m fairly certain my name isn’t everywhere.  That said, I do sell my work on a regular basis.
Participate in writing events ranging from critique groups to conferences, workshops and retreats.  Take the time to get to know your fellow writers.  That’s an old fashioned way to say “network.”  Make friends.  Get to know people.  Many of my sales come about because someone mentioned something, recommended me for something or published somewhere first.  I simply followed.
What markets has this opened for me?
Young Equestrian.  I knew the editor first as a writer.
Children’s Writer newsletter.  I met one of her authors who then recommended me to fill in when someone couldn’t take an assignment.
WOW! Women on Writing, The Muffin (the WOW! Blog), and Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market.  A friend sold there first.
Abdo Publishing.  Four + friends preceded me into this market.
Getting the picture?
But don’t be afraid to submit cold to an editor without an introduction.  That’s gotten me spots in Alive Now, The Gaited Horse, Mom for the Holidays, READ, Ladybug, Gryphon House, and Writer’s Market.  Networking is a huge help but don’t let not knowing someone slow you down.
Say yes to as much as possible.  I’m not saying let an editor make awful changes to your work, but when an editor says “can you do this” you say YES.  So many writers I know find out about a market or an editor asks them to submit X and they shrug it off.  “That’s activity writing.  I’m a novelist.”
This got me my first reader’s theater gig, a chance to write horse material, and my most recent assignment.
I know it sounds simplistic, but take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.  It will put you ahead of the writers who, for whatever reason, are hanging back.

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