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September 1, 2014

Labor Day: Taking a Break

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Tools that you needAre you working today or taking the day off?  Ironic though it may seem, I’m taking Labor Day off — more or less.  My husband is home from work and my son has the day off school.  We were going to drop a new bed into our pick up.  It is a 1964 with a wooden bed, but before we can put the boards in place, we have to oil them.  Storms are predicted for today and our humidity is as high as usual.  We have two choices — fight the fact that the oil won’t dry under these conditions or do something else.

What does this have to do with writing?  Sometimes you don’t have what you need to make a piece work. There may be a reading that hasn’t come into the library yet.  Or there might be a plot point that you need to work through, but you believe that you have to write every day.  It’s what real writers do.  So instead of taking the time to get the materials together or puzzle through a problem, we sit at the computer and beat ourselves up.

I’m giving you permission to make a choice.  Struggle to get something done even though conditions aren’t favorable or go do something else.  This something else might be to read an industry publication, find a new market for a story that is ready to go, or take a walk and think about that plot problem.  The choice is yours.

Do a good job later or do a rotten job now.

Me?  I’m going to the movies with my boys.  Then we’re going to rearrange a few things in the family room.  We are not going to touch the pick up, not today.




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