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August 11, 2014

Spoilers: Do they ruin the story or not

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SpoilerWhen I review a book, I try not to include spoilers, limiting plot comments only to the beginning and middle of the story.  What is the conflict and why is it so awful?

Personally, spoilers don’t freak me out.  I’m the person who likes print books best because, after reading two or three chapters, I can flip to the end of the book and read the last two chapters.  This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop reading the book – unless the ending ticks me off (I don’t want to see the ending coming in chapter 3).  I will still finish the story if I’m surprised by the ending and if I enjoy the author’s writing.

Yes, its a bad habit but it is also a habit born of reviewing books.  When I had to review 6 to 8 novels in one column, I knew I didn’t I wouldn’t want to review every book I read, but I didn’t have time to read 15 or so books cover to cover.

Still, I try not to spoil the plot for those who easily kerfuffle.  And, I also freely admit that this is me and books.  DO NOT SPOIL A MOVIE ENDING FOR ME.  Do not.  My feelings about that are completely different illogical though that may be.

Then I read a Discover Magazine blog post on spoilers.  A recent study shows that spoilers do not, as the name implies, spoil the story for those who have yet to reach the end.  Apparently, with the ending in mind, they are able to appreciate the clues carefully laid by a talented author so that the ending is satisfying but not entirely expected.  They believe it is the similar to the enjoyment that we get when we read an old favorite.

The author also points out that certain genres are more or less their own spoilers.  In a romance, you expect the couple to fall in love (or lust), be horribly seperated, and have to struggle to be together.  In a mystery, the detective will solve the crime.

I get it, but don’t tell me how the movie ends.  I may love it enough to watch it more than once, but at least the first time, I want to be at least a little surprised.



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