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August 7, 2014

Slant: Choosing Your Approach

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slantA couple of years ago, I pitched a cookbook series to a publisher who utlimately passed on the project.  The books feature fun recipes grouped around a theme — Book 1: Knights,  Book 2: Pirates, and Book 3: Mummies.  The only book that had any overlap with an already published book was pirates and the competitor was more “craft food” than actual recipes.  Still, it was competition so I’ve been noodling over ways I might strengthen it before I send it out into the market place.

At this point, my pitch has a humorous slant.  The knights’ recipes include food to lure in an ogre, what to do with the dragon once you’ve vanquished it, treats for your steed and the like.

Another slant would be historic.  I could give historically accurate information about knights and then recipes that show what they ate.

Is there a right way?  Maybe.  I want to come up with something that will sell.  Humor sells.  But teachers and home schoolers also like fact.

Is there a wrong way.  Again, maybe.  I don’t want to do what’s already been done.  I also don’t want to do what no one will buy.

Silly or historic?  I’ve been bobbling back and forth all summer.  Then I picked up Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple’s Fairy Tale Feasts.  Yolen adapted the fairy tales and Stemple wrote the recipes.  Fairy tales are both silly and historic and Yolen’s sidebars include lots of additional scholarly information.  I was in heaven.  Stemple’s recipes aren’t what I call craft recipes — mix fish-shaped crackers with blue jelly beans and call it mermaid food.  This is real cooking.

So I’m still noodling.  I want the books to be fun.  My son loved making cookies that looked like bones and blue gelatin with Swedish fish suspended in it to look like a fish bowl. That said, I also love the idea of having fun while learning.

Obviously, all I’ve seen is that you can combine to the two.  The answer may be to write about ten pages using several different slants and then see which one I like best.  I’m still thinking . . . thinking . . . thinking . . .



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