Piles of Unread Books: Tsundoku

tsundokuWhile reading the Open Culture blog, I discovered the perfect Japanese word.  Tsundoku.  This noun describes the pile of unread books that you create as you continue to buy more and more but don’t catch up.

I think all writers experience tsundoku.  I know that my bed side table is a hazard of printed articles and magazines with the book piles lingering here in my office.

But I’m left wondering.  Is there are corresponding word for electronic reading left downloaded and unread?  Bookshout, with its daily free offering, is a particular hazard to me as are the free Kindle books made available very now and again.  I’ve paid for all of one e-book but have 29 Bookshout books and have read 2.  My Netgalley stats are better; I’ve been approved for 10 books and have so far read 5.  My Kindle for PC contains a frightening 98 books, a total I don’t entirely believe but am too lazy to disprove.  I’ve read about 20 of them but in my defense, many of these are reference books which I never intended to read in their entirety.  Still, it’s obvious that I have quite an electronic tsundoku building up.

Does anyone else have this problem?  Obviously, I need to get on that treadmill and read.


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