Call for Manuscripts: Update on

SubmissionsTorI hate having to post that a publisher is no longer taking submissions, but at least this one is only temporary., which I blogged about back in June, is closed to submissions from now through the end of September.  They are doing this so that they can catch up on submissions, which is a good thing if you’ve already sent them your speculative fiction short story.  If not, you have just under two months to polish something and get it ready to go.  Read their full guidelines and check to make sure they’ve reopened the transom here.

This temporary halt doesn’t impact submissions for the new imprint, Imprint which continues to accept unagented submissions through the end of August.  Although this is primarilly an adult market, they are accepting young adult submissions.  Novellas should be 17,500 words or longer.  Be sure that your world building is top notch before you submit and that your characterization and plotting include emotion.  No previously published material.  For more on what they want and how to submit, read their guidelines here.

As always, good luck in sending in your work!


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