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July 16, 2014

Reading Like a Writer

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SeeingI don’t know this for a fact, but I suspect that writers read differently from normal people.  I am using “normal” in the way that my husband and son use it to mean nonwriters, lesser mortals, mundanes.

Last week, I listened to the audiobook of The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks.  I should probably note here that I am not a huge Sparks fan.  I’m not even a small Sparks fan.  I used to read his books until I figured out how they worked.  You know what I mean — you have character X and character Y and it looks like everything stands against them but…

I’m not sure how I became aware of The Best of Me but the opening setting — an oil platform on fire — seemed particularly un-Sparks which is part of what motivated me to read it.

Anyway, I was listening to this as I moved around the house doing various cleaning tasks prior to the arrival of my critique group.  I had just popped cd 8, the last cd, into the player.  The guy and girl have just seperated — again.  Will they find a way to come back to each other?  (IE will she make up her blooming mind?)  Or will something keep them apart.  Then her son is an a car accident. . .

“Oh, hell no!  That is not what you’re going to do!”

Do normal people argue with the cd?  Maybe?  Maybe not.  But here I was telling it off.  “You will not …”

If this had been a print book, I would have flipped to the end.  If I was right, which I was, I would have quit reading.  As it was, I had to listen to the rest of the disk to find out.

I admit it.  I like happy endings.  If it can’t be happy, I want it to be satisfying.  Either way, I DO NOT want to see it coming.  Not with over 10% of the book yet to go.

Am I the only writer who has this problem when I read?  Please tell me I’m not!



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