Market: Agents for YA

Call for SubmissionsIn the last week or two, the Agent and Editor Wish List has been updated. Check out the following calls for YA novels.

Agent Carly Watters would like to see coming-of-age novels with strong moral dilemmas and strong setting.  YA thrillers/romances similar to Dangerous Girls & How to Love.

Agent Victoria Marini wants young adult novels with intact families, and funny parent/child relationships.

Agent Kayle Davis is interested in a novel that does an amazing job with alternating POVs.  She also wants to see strong character development and voice.

Editor Hali Baumstein is looking for:

  • both MG and YA magical realism, similiar to the work of Karen Russell.
  • space settings and similarities to Firefly.
  • anything with dance.

Agent Beth Phelan wants novels with LGBT themes and a distinct voice.

Agent Rena Bunder Rossner wants memoirs or fiction with Hasidic or Orthodox Jewish characters.

Agent Peter Knapp wants family positive MG and YA

Agent Amy Boggs wants a Tonya Harding-like character which she defines as “working class girl in an individual sport full of upper middle class.”

 If you see something that looks like a match to your work, good luck!



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