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June 12, 2014

Priorities: What to Write Next

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PrioritiesAre you one of those writers who completes one project and then contemplates what to do next?  Or are you constantly surrounded by a swarm of ideas?  I have to admit, what to focus on is such an issue for me that it was a long time before I realized that some writers actually have to come up with a new idea.

Right now, I’m attempting to prioritize a list that includes:

  • Finishing a fiction picture book that is almost done.
  • Finishing a nonfiction picture book that is almost done.
  • Writing a new article for CBI — the editor is waiting.
  • Rewriting a play for Schoolwide because this editor is also waiting.
  • Working on a highly marketable nonfiction book idea – must be submitted by 9/1.  And I’m still researching.
  • Developing an alphabet book for a market that is currently buying.
  • Taking a closer look at two new-to-me agents.

I’d love to say that I have a firm grasp on which I’m going to do RIGHT NOW.  I’d like to say that, but it isn’t true.  How do you set your priorities?

Part of my problem is that summer has started.  My son is a high school student but still too young to drive.  And he’s on the swim team.  Last week, practice started which means frequent trips to this pool and that pool.  My writing time has been temporarilly reduced.

To find out what questions I ask myself to set my priorities, check out my blog post today at The Muffin.



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