Call for Manuscripts/Lodestone Books

Call for SubmissionsI just found out about a new imprint that is looking for young adult and new adult novels.

Lodestone Books is an imprint of John Hunt Publishing.  They accept The sci-fi, dystopian, paranormal, steampunk, crime, contemporary romance, and more.  The publisher is Maria Moloney.

I’m not sure if anyone else handles submissions and publicity like this, but I found the following from their site interesting.

A criterion for getting published with us is being able to use a database, and to be willing to contribute to it. Manuscripts and proofs are exchanged through the database rather than by post or email. Your book will have several pages of its own on our database, with the scheduling and copy visible, you can add to it and amend it, monthly sales figures will be there, and all the marketing on every title is visible for you to see. We add around a thousand new ‘activities’ a month to the database, several hundred new contacts, and send out about a few hundred review copies a month.” 

Find out more by reading their guidelines.

Good luck!



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