It just crossed my mind that I haven’t told everyone what is going on — I’m writing a book for Red Line, an educational book packager.  This is why my blog posts have gotten . . . a bit shorter than usual.  I don’t want to quit blogging until Memorial Day but I do have a deadline to meet.  This is a great opportunity for me and I’m enjoying it for several reasons:

Topic.  I am writing for a series on ancient cultures.  I got my first pick, so I’m writing about the Maya.  This takes me back to my days studying anthropology and Latin American history.  So fun!

The Level.  I’m getting to write for high school Freshman.  Believe it or not, I was so worried about writing too high, that I wrote too low.  I can cut loose!   Yay me!  I was trying to figure out how to work in human sacrifice without freaking the book banning crowd and my editor basically told me not to worry about it.  It was a huge part of the culture so include it.  Right up and don’t worry.  Hmm.  No one tells me that very often.

Jared Diamond.  I love Diamond’s work and I’ve found a new book while working on this project (see image).

No Excuses.  I’m learning a lot about writing in a crunch.  My students may not appreciate this, but if I can research an ancient culture and write a 15,000 word book in 5 weeks, then you can write an article, picture book or beginning reader in 8.  Seriously.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go write about Maya religion, blood and . . . sacrifice.