Wall Building

Building WallsHere is my last post from the retreat, but it isn’t something that I learned from the editor.  It’s something I learned watching my fellow writers.  I was probably primed to make these observations because of C. Hope Clark’s guest post, Wall Building.   In her post Hope wrote about the barriers that we put up that stand between ourselves and success.

The most frequent barrier that I saw came when people ignored advice that they were given about their work.  It didn’t matter who the critique came from, these people were not prepared to hear anything other than “you are fabulous.”  And, yes, they are all fabulous people but rewriting is really hard to do well if you aren’t ready to hear what the other person has to say.  Step #1 in tearing down your wall — LISTEN.

The next problem came from people who isolated themselves from their fellow writers.  Yes, many writers are introverts.  I’m one of those cave-dwellng wordsmiths.  I get it.  But you do need to schmooze a bit.  Otherwise, you miss many of the perks of being at this kind of event.  And these perks all come when you make connections.  I know it isn’t easy but it is definitely worth your while.

To find out just how worthwhile it can be, read tomorrow’s post at the Muffin.