One Writer’s Journey

April 8, 2014

The hybrid author: Combining Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing

HybridNot long ago, I was reading agent Jenny Bent’s blog and came across a new term, the Hybrid Author.  I don’t remember if it was her term or if she borrowed it from someone else, but I like it.  It describes an author who didn’t choose traditional publishing vs self or independent publishing.  A hybrid author chooses both.

And, truthfully, it makes sense.  Why should we have to choose one path or another?  Some books have a large audience and are something that a traditional publisher can easily get behind.  It makes sense to bring these out traditionally so that you have the marketing edge and editing and design talents of a major house at your back.

Other books appeal to a smaller niche or require greater flexibility in terms of marketing.  That’s when self or independent publishing makes the most sense.

At this point, all of my work is traditionally published but I can see the appeal of independent publishing.  I also see the pitfalls (having to get behind the editing, design and marketing).  I’m not ready to take this step yet but I also know better than to say never.

What about you?  Are you a traditionally published author?  An independently published author?  Or a hybrid?



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