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April 4, 2014

Smart Media: Science in Fiction

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I have to admit that I’m loving the smart media that I’ve encountered lately.  That’s not an official term but it’s what my son and I call movies, tv shows and books that have brainy characters and science or something else dreadfully academic.  And, in this case, dreadful is good.

What especially thrills me about the smart books that I’ve just read is that both of the main characters are girls.  Both girls have female main characters delving into science, specifically genetics, to solve a crime that everyone else believess is a coincidence.

In the first book, Kate Messner’s Wake Up Missing, the main character is receiving genetic treatments for a concussion and gets suspicious when another young patient fails to make an appearance.  Pair this with someone else’s radical personality change and an overheard phone call (No, we aren’t going to tell anyone that she’s developed a tumor) and she realizes that something is up.

In the second book, Janie Chodosh’s Death Spiral, the main character is the daughter of a heroine addict.  She knows her mother was clean when she died but everyone else thinks it is just wishful thinking.  Then mom’s best friend, also trying to get drug free, calls her and then disappears.  She realizes that the treatment uses genetic science to combat addiction but keeps pushing to find out more about the symptoms mom was showing in the end.

I love seeing these strong female characters and actual science in a work of fiction.  The first is middle grade and science fiction;  I know that some of what Messner proposes is possible but not all.  The second book is definitely YA; not only are the character’s in high school but there’s a lot more with the birds and the bees although it is all quite tame. Hey she’s dealing with heroine addiction, isn’t that edgy enough?  This one might be contemporary fiction but I’m not sure because I don’t know if all that the author proposes is currently possible.

What other books have you read that incorporate a serious dose of science?



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